There’s always one, isn’t there? The one who can’t stand still, who is just bursting with energy and fun – that’s the one that makes an image stand out. I’ve got lots of photos of four girls standing in a row in the sea, but it’s the one who broke away that makes this image
Photographing moving objects takes a little bit of forethought, just because of the movement. If we’re not planning ahead then the object can be gone before we get it! Here are a few tips: If it’s something regular that moves along a known path, plan for where along that path you wish to capture it.
What do you include in your photo and what do you want to keep out? Usually we see other people as a distraction, something that interrupts our photography. At other times we can feel embarrassed about photographing complete strangers. One solution is to include figures, but only at a distance. At a distance When you
In a previous post I suggested that you reduce the content of your photographs to produce a more striking image. It’s well worth trying to reduce the entire image to something even more abstract. In the photo above I’ve removed every object except the sea and sky. I’ve done this by zooming in on the
Even photographers have holidays! When we went to New York for a special birthday there was no room for a tripod in the luggage, and there was no way I was lugging a chunky tripod all round the Big Apple. We left our luggage in our Midtown hotel and went for a walk just as
When I visit the beach it is usually en-route to somewhere else. As a self employed consultant I often only have a few minutes between visits to grab a few frames. With such time constraints I can’t really do much about the content of the beach. I can’t wait for visitors to move away. The
Every Boxing Day we take a family walk to blow away the cobwebs. Everyone who is with us goes. It’s a very informal time, wellies and waterproofs are obligatory, but at the same time we want to capture the memory. Here’s my recipe for a great family walk photo. Context We may not travel far
For most of the day either the land is darker than the sky or the sky is darker than the land. This is one of the biggest problems with getting a balanced photo during the hours that we normally are out and about. There are, for obvious reasons two points in time where the two
One of the things that looks really great at Christmas is the sort of photograph that has all the lights blurred in the background. The technical term for this is bokeh – go on, click the link to see what it’s like! With the typical compact camera or camera phone it is quite difficult to achieve this.
If you own a pet it’s certain that you will want to photograph them. Pets are part of the family and have to be captured as such. Most folks just point and click around the house and garden, but here are a couple of tips to help you to get the best out of taking

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