Learn Landscape Photography “Free”

Get inspired | Go places! | Learn to take beautiful landscape photos


Get inspired | Learn more | Go places!

What you’ll learn
  • Know what camera gear you need for Landscape Photography
  • Understand how to plan & implement a coastal landscape shoot
  • Understand how to use aperture settings to determine the Depth of Field
  • Use composition basics such as the Rule of Thirds & Symmetry in their photos
  • Go on location with more confidence and knowledge to capture beautiful scenics

Course Requirements
You really need a a DSLR camera
Knowledge of the essential camera features and settings


Let’s look at landscapes, the most popular type of photography. There’s more to this genre than merely snapping holiday pictures of yourself outside a famous landmark. To achieve success with your scenics, you need to get the right gear, and the right techniques.

Content Overview

7 short lessons on Landscape Photography, shot on location in spectacular New Zealand scenery.
45 minutes of video – taught by a qualified teacher, with real-life examples.
4 downloadable PDF guides – beautifully designed by a pro graphic artist
1 quirky quiz – to test your memory recall
What are the requirements?

You need a camera – preferably a DSLR or similar.
What am I going to get from this course?

Understand how to use a range of camera accessories to improve your Landscape Photography
Know how to plan & implement coastal seascape and waterfall shoots
Discover key compositional concepts that will greatly enhance your images
Understand the Depth of Field, with clear examples and graphics

What is the target audience?

Suitable for beginner & intermediate photography enthusiasts

Who is the target audience?

This course is aimed at enthusiast and intermediate photographers


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